Gastaldo Tailors is now online, operating as Gastaldo Retailers. This website has been created as a response to countless loyal and new customers who have requested an online option for purchasing RCMP uniform regalia such as badges, crests, and epaulettes.



Service Star


Corporal RCMP Epaulettes


High-Brown Boot Keychain


Staff Sergeant Rank Pin


Marked SUV Pin


MP & Crown Crests – Small


Handcuffs Pin


RCMP Buffalo Crest – Large


Welcome to Gastaldo Retailers!

Gastaldo Tailors remains family owned and operated as it has been since 1965. Gastaldo Tailors is the original and leading supplier of uniform regalia across Canada, for members of the RCMP, municipal and provincial police forces, law enforcement agencies, and emergency services agencies.

All regalia is shown in gold bullion thread, however, most items are available in silver bullion thread as well. Regalia shown in gold bullion thread is also available on a red felt background. For these specific items, please call or email for further information, or use the Contact form. Custom orders are also accepted.

All orders are still welcome by phone or by fax, as they have been traditionally over the decades.

For local customers who prefer to shop in person, the brick and mortar store is still at the same location and remains open as usual. Location and store hours are in the Contact section.